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Jollibee, bottled water please! :)

2 Mar

A friend asked: where do you plan to have dinner? Another friend replied: “Knowing Sheila, Jollibee ang bagsak nyan”. Yes, I am an avid customer of this fastfood. Even though I am living now  in the big city with myriad of choices on where to eat, I still prefer to dine at Jollibee. I am already familiar with the food. Satisfaction is guaranteed once I step out of the store. And I am not really into trying different cuisine so I stick to my Jollibee burger and spag 🙂

Each combo meal of Jollibee or even other fastfoods comes with a softdrink, either coke/pepsi or spirite/7up. And here’s my ordeal. Last year, almost every month I had to take SL because of fever w/ tonsilitis. One doctor even advised me to have my tonsils removed through surgery if the occurrence of the infection is oftentimes which is my case. I was considering it until another doctor refuted the suggestion. He reasoned out that tonsillectomy is unnecessary because my tonsils are not that huge enough to cause hassle in my food intake. The best thing to do is to prevent the infection by not eating sweets, drinking softdrinks.

So whenever I am offered with a softdrink I politely decline or sip only 2 to 3 times. At Jollibee, I could not consume my softdrink and I always ended up asking one of the waiters to hand me a water. Then one time, a thought came up into my mind. Why not Jollibee and other fastfoods allow the customer to opt for a bottled water rather than a sofdrink without any additional charge? I believe this one is feasible and I don’t think it cost much on their part. I tweeted this sentiment and was surprised to receive replies from strangers: whom I did not follow in Twitter and vice versa, concurring with me. I guess a lot of people out there share the same sentiment as I do. I think  people clamor in silence for a bottled water; perhaps because of throat issues, diet concerns or reasons I can’t tell.

I emailed Jollibee about this and my suggestion was noted as per Jollibee Care in their reply. Hopefully… in the future when I visit any Joollibee branch, the cashier would ask me: softdrink or bottled water, Ma’am?

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