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TESDA Bookkeeping Seminar by AICB

28 Oct

TESDA is one of the government websites I usually visit whenever I am online. I just love checking updates and am interested reading on the various scholarships, assessment and competency exams posted on the site. I happened to read there is a certain Bookkeeping Competency Exam, needless to say, it aroused my interest. The examinee will get a certification of Certified Bookkeeper if he/she passes the exam. And you don’t need to be an Accountancy graduate to qualify the exam, so long as you have a background of it acquired through experience or a short seminar, then they’ll give you a glowing green signal to take the exam.

It has been a few months when I started googling about this exam but I could not find any schedule here in Manila. I wanted to take the Bookkeeping NC III [level 3]. I tried calling TESDA’s hotline number but duhh, busy, no one is answering or you’ll get a useless voice mail recording. During my search, I encountered websites offering bookkeeping short course, seminar, etc. Since my last Acocunting was 4 years ago, I thought it’s a better idea to refresh my basic accounting. So I decided to attend one of the cheapest seminars conducted by any bookeeping/accounting organization.

I found this ad posted by AICB [Asian Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Inc] in that they’ll conduct a 2 day seminar this October. The registration fee was P3,500. I emailed them and got a prompt reply. The schedule of the event was on Oct 21 and 22, and thank God my RD at work was changed from SAT SUN to FRI SAT. So I don’t need to go on VL on Friday. I tried to apply for a half day VL on the 21st, Thursday so that I won’t miss anything on the seminar but unfortunately and expectedly, it wasn’t approved. So…when the AICB lady called me, I told them I would get to the venue by 1pm. I also asked if we’ll be able to take the exam after the seminar. She replied in positive.

The venue was held in Max’s Restaurant, Glorrietta 3, Makati. When I got there around 12.30pm, the accommodating lady recognized me and signalled another assistant to prepare my lunch. I paid my fee. She gave me the materials and went inside the air-conditioned room. I sat on Table 1 which was already occupied by 5 other participants – 4 ladies and a gentleman [who happens to be the first cousin of Rica Peralejo].

I scanned the materials and smiled 🙂 I said to myself: WOW I knew and mastered this when I was still First Year 4 years ago…But because of 2 years absence in school I kindda need a refresher.

Our resource person was Fe Violeta G. Baluran. From the way she spoke, and the experiences she shared I could say that she is an intelligent and brilliant woman. She is a CPA, MBA and is currently taking up her DBA. She teaches Accounting in La Zalle University and Assumption College.

I learned a lot from her and enjoyed her anecdotes squeezed in during the lecture. 100% my brain was refreshed!! We did some seatworks like Journalizing, Posting to Ledgers and of course doing the worksheet. It was FUN! I found myself nostalgics of those days when I and my classmates did the same thing under the class of a cute and smart professor.

My seatmates were also very cool and friendly.. We only bonded for 2 days but I really like them because they came from different industries and I got to learn stuffs they’re experts at.

The organizer advised that we’ll get a call from them to finalize the schedule of exam. I am waiting for that day..and hoping all of us will pass!

Last Saturday, I went to a bookstore and bought some journals, ledgers and worksheets. Hahah I need to practice and answer some excercises on my basic accounting book”)





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