15 Mar
I always thought it is cool and weird when one is out of the loop – not having an FB account at all – while everyone seems to have made signing in to FB as a lifestyle…slowly embedding into our culture.

Facebook I would say is a milestone. It made the world smaller and closer. It revitalized the online social community and is continue doing so. I have nothing against it =]

But as they say, we sometimes invite unnecessary drama in our lives. So on March 14th, I decided to deactivate my FB account. I contemplated much. Trying to figure out heavy and justifiable reasons for doing such BOLD move.

Am I hurt?
Am I bitter?
Am I offended?
Am I oppressed?

Big NO.

All I want is to be out of reach. Unknown. Silent. Unheard.

For the time being.

sheiLa. xoxo

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