GSIS Scholarship 2013 – 2014

25 Mar

Text from GSIS website.

GSIS President and General Manager Robert Vergara today announced that the pension fund is accepting applications under the pension fund’s College Scholarship Program (GSP) in which 200 slots are available for Academic Year 2013-2014.

The program provides an opportunity for state workers to send their children to colleges and universities that provide quality education.

“We introduced amendments on the program to make it more equitable and responsive particularly to our low-income members,” Vergara said.

Previously, the mode of choosing scholars was done through an electronic raffle. Under the new guidelines, the nominee of a parent-member who has the lowest annual basic salary will be given priority in the scholarship grant.

Further, the nominee must be a child of the member and an incoming freshman accepted in schools accredited by the Commission on Higher Education. The list of schools is found in the GSIS Scholarship Program Application Requirements.

The scholar of the program will be entitled to

  • the actual cost of tuition
  • miscellaneous fees not exceeding Php20,000
  • a monthly stipend of Php2,000.

The distribution of the 200 scholarship slots per region will be proportionate to the number of GSIS members in each region.

In Luzon,

GSIS will select

  • 41 scholars from NCR;
  • five (5) from CAR;
  • 10 from Region 1;
  • eight (8) from Region 2;
  • 17 from Region 3;
  • 19 from Region 4-A;
  • six (6) from Region 4-B;
  • and 11 from Region 5.

In Visayas,

  • 16 from Region 6;
  • 12 from Region 7;
  • and 10 from Region 8.

In Mindanao,

  • seven (7) each from ARMM and Region 9;
  • 10 from Region 10;
  • eight (8) from Region 11;
  • seven (7) from Region 12;
  • and six (6) from Region 13.

To date, the pension fund has awarded a total of 1,692 scholarship grants since the inception of the program in 1998. From this number, 585 active scholars are currently enrolled in various colleges and universities nationwide as of March this year.

Members may obtain a GSP application form from any GSIS branch office or download it: The GSIS College Scholarship Program for the Academic Year 2013-2014

Duly accomplished application forms must be submitted to the nearest GSIS office, along with a member’s certificate of employment and a certification from the school that the scholar-designee is accepted as an incoming college freshman in SY 2013-2014.

The deadline for submission of application is 30 April 2013.

Questions about GSP may be directed to the GSIS Human Resource Administration Department at 479-3600 local 3414 or 976-4970.

The GSIS College Scholarship Program for the Academic Year 2013-2014The GSIS is happy to announce the opening of the GSIS College Scholarship Program. Under the revised guidelines, all active GSIS members with premium payments for the last six (6) months may nominate scholars, provided that:

  • They are permanent employees in the government, who are regular GSIS members at the time of application, with at least three (3) years of service
  • They are at SG 24 or below or its equivalent job level; and
  • They have incoming college freshmen-dependents who were accepted in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) with its own charter or a school qualified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as Levels IV and III, Autonomous or Deregulated.

Only applications with complete requirements will be evaluated and processed.

Application period: 11 March to 30 April 2013

6 Responses to “GSIS Scholarship 2013 – 2014”

  1. angelnaman March 27, 2013 at 2:24 pm #

    Reblogged this on Away from Mom.

  2. Rodalyn Mondejar April 11, 2013 at 11:53 pm #

    I would like to avail the scholarship grant for this year. What are the requirements? I am not currently enrolled but I used to be a working student before and I finished 2 years in my 4 years course. I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management and I want to continue my studies for me to be able to get a degree. Can you help me how to avail that scholarship being granted?

  3. fritz gian carlo R. castro April 15, 2013 at 3:01 pm #


  4. trisha April 17, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    Hello. I would like to know if CHED scholarship can be available to an in coming 3rd year college this school year 2013-2014? If yes, How can you be a qualified one?

  5. yam October 17, 2013 at 9:14 am #

    pwedi pa bo bang mag apply ang freshman? BS Metallurgical Engineering student po ako ng MSU-IIT.. Thank you 🙂

  6. zyl lebosada February 28, 2014 at 5:41 am #

    curious po …..ako:)

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