This blog is created because the author believes Information about youth opportunities such as scholarships, leadership trainings, academic and non-academic competitions, educational seminars & forums, etc. should be made available and accessible to all especially the youth.
The blogger considers access to and availability of Information is as important as the Information itself. It is regretful to see opportunities missed, which could have done a  positive impact among the youth, just because they don’t know about it, they are not aware of it or it was too late when they learned of it.
These opportunities will help the youth develop skills and talents, hone abilities, boost confidence, raise awareness, instill pride as a Filipino and socialize with fellow youth that will eventually prepare them for future roles in leading this country.
This blog aims to help propagate useful Information to reach out to many youth as many as this can.
About Her
Sheila Mae Tabamo was named after a schoolmate of her mom whom she describes as beautiful, smart and intelligent. Unfortunately, she only acquired the ‘name’ not the impressive and coveted traits.  She wasn’t born fat as her surname suggests. It is the love of food and her voraciousness towards it that made her justify Tabamo.

Born in the land of promise (Mindanao), in a small and unknown place (Gingoog City) – to which some would question if it is really a city or just a huge subdivision.  She had also lived in the historic Butuan, where the TRUE site of the First Mass conducted by Magellan was held. Yes, you read it right. It wasn’t in Limasawa. Hello, NHI! (National Historical Institute).

Schooled in an Adventist elementary school,  finished high school in a Protestant-managed school and studied for a few semesters in a Catholic university.  She firmly believes that no religion can save mankind but finds some religious practices totally insane, irrational, twisted and simply doesn’t make sense at all.

She wrote her idol – actress Donna Cruz a letter when she was on 3rd grade and had the best childhood memory when the baranggay’s mailman handed her a signed postcard reply from the celebrity in front of her playmates!

She is currently pursuing her Accounting degree at one of the institutions in Quezon City while taking calls – helping US-based customers resolve some technical issues – in the country’s recognized pioneer in call center industry. She rushes to the train station after pressing the agent’s most favorite button – LOGOUT on her AVAYA and attends her classes with a remarkable stress on her face.  She no longer desires to achieve excellence in academics. She has dropped remarks on her TOR which would render any future efforts to be on top as futile.  The board exam is her last hope!

A breadwinner of a widowed mother and a younger sister, a Born Again Christian,  she is also passionate about Education, Youth, OFWs and the Philippines. She loves History and while her classmates struggle and fight boredom under this class, her imagination travels through the past and wishes to have been born during the Spanish era.  She dreams of  National transformation and Philippines with a First World status with world class citizens someday.

Destiny Ministry International is her church. It runs 2 services every Sunday (9am and 4pm) at UP Film, UP Diliman Quezon City and you are free to join the crowd 🙂


Disclaimer: This blog and blogger are not connected to any government agencies and private institutions mentioned on each post.

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