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Jollibee’s SEEDS program

8 Apr

Jollibee Foods Corporation is helping financially challenge students finish College through a program dubbed as SEEDS stands for Skills Enhancement and Educational Development for Students.

I have been searching on the Internet in my hopes to gather more information about this program. But it seems I can’t find a reliable or shall I say detailed website about this. Even the Jollibee website does not have a page specifically design to discuss  SEEDS.

Luckily, a classmate of mine is a SEEDS scholar so I have something to say in here. Your school must have an existing partnership with Jollibee. Jollibee will pay only up to P12,000 pesos. The rest will be shouldered by you. And you need to work at a Jollibee store too.  So this is not a free scholarship at all. It’s like getting a loan but instead of paying it in monetary terms, you will have to render services at Jollibee. It is indeed a working student program of the company. Working hours depend on your class schedule. It can be a 4 to 5 hr-shift a day and definitely it won’t conflict your schedule at school. According to my classmate, she still receives something though on paydays.

Well, basically you can just ask your school registrar or the school you intended to enroll if they accept SEEDS scholar or inquire at a Jollibee store near you.

I sent Jollibee an email and will update this blog once I get a reply from them.

For the meantime check out the schools I found that are in partnership w/ Jollibee.


Manila Business College

Lipa City Colleges

Baliuag University

National College of Science and Technology

Technological Institute of the Philippines


College of Technological Sciences-Cebu


I called Jollibee Customer Care and they refer me to 634 1111 as the correct number to dial. So there you go, 634-1111! Call them now and inquire!

Feel free to drop a comment below to add more information about this!

Update I: As per Jollibee Foundation, one can inquire about the SEEDS working student program at any Jollibee, Chowking or Greenwhich store.



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