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Certified Bookkeeper NC III

15 Apr

One of my close and trusted friends, based in Butuan City is now a Certified Bookkeeper NC III. Yahoo, Congratulations Ngit! (I call him Ngit and vice-versa). He graduated BS in Management Accounting at Father Saturnino Urios University. He only needed 1 year to get the Accountancy degree for him to be able to take the CPA Exam. I don’t know why he didn’t pursue it. He was our bookkeeper at school during my STI days so I can say his experience in Bookkeeping field is quite extensive. No wonder, he perfected the Bookkeeping exam administered by TESDA last March 29th and 1 of the only 4 among the examinees who passed and get certified even without doing a review! It was the National Free Competency Assessment and Certification Exam. He grabbed the opportunity to take it for free.

According to Myckle, the exam covers the entire cycle of Bookkeeping. If you plan to take this certification make sure you master the ff:

  • Journalizing of Accounts
  • Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Equity Statement
  • Cash Flow
  • Post Trial Balance
The score to pass it must be a perfect score. Imagine that! A wrong entry at the beginning will render the entire work wrong losing the chance of getting that Certified Bookkeeper title. I don’t know though if this passing rate is the standard  one across all the TESDA centers nationwide.

Congrats again Ngit! My turn next! Hopefully 🙂

To take the Bookkeeping NC III Exam, please read my previous post.

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